Take Inspection to the Next Level:
Laser Projection combined with Artificial Intelligence

Virtek Iris Truss

 New Release: Virtek IRIS 3D

Virtek Iris Ai Panel Inspection System inspects nails positioning and identifies shiners for wall panels by using laser projection to direct the user to the exact location of the defect.

Ensure Accuracy & Quality

Reduce errors and rework and receive greater accuracy within 1/16". Quickly and instantly inspect in real-time any mistakes or defects.

Easy to use

Compatible with all major truss design software packages The Virtek® IRIS AI Camera System is so easy to learn and use that anyone can become proficient in just a few hours.

Inspection Reporting

The inspection system will automatically create inspection reports for internal use to help make adjustments or improvements to the panel inspection process.

External Inspection Report

The external report is designed to send limited inspection data set to an external source such as a customer, regulatory agency, supplier.

Using laser projection to direct the user to the exact location makes an inspector job easier and faster.

Modular System

The Virtek Iris Ai Camera System is offered as a standalone system or for greater inspection analysis combined with Virtek’s Laser Projection System to show the positioning and placement of nails, joists and studs for wall panels.

Combine Laser Projection System with Iris AI Software and Camera



Simplified user interface requires minimal training, which helps reduce cost and operator error.


New High Visibility Laser Projector LPS-10 and VPS Systems provides operators with a brighter, safer laser delivering superior visibility even in the brightest work environments.


Our global service organization helps ensure that your Virtek systems are always optimized for maximum performance.


We can help build the right stand configuration for your operations. We offer Virtek mobile workstations, motorized mounts, wireless carts, and more.

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