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Our industry-leading experts pioneered the first laser projection systems capable of meeting accuracy and precision requirements needed in complex manufacturing applications in a wide variety of industries.
We continue to build on this legacy by working side by side with customers to understand how to configure our suite of innovative laser projection and quality inspection solutions that address production and assembly needs for companies of all sizes.
Working With Clients
Our flexible, agile systems are designed to improve productivity and quality at a lower cost. Customers have achieved savings of more than 60%. Our virtual laser templating systems can eliminate expensive tooling, stop costly errors, and significantly cut time to market.
We have the largest support team in the industry, offering unmatched expertise and commitment to customer service.
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Virtek Product Spotlight

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Iris 3D Software
Iris 3D
Iris 3D

Virtek Solutions Configured To Your Needs

2D Laser Projection

2D Laser Projection

Accurately projects a virtual laser template to guide operators through the assembly process of flat 2D parts. Eliminates the need for blueprints and manual measuring.
3D Vision Positioning

3D Vision Positioning

Accurately project a virtual laser template onto complex 3D molds or parts to guide operators through the process of part fabrication and assembly.
3D Spatial Positioning

3D Spatial Positioning

Combines laser projection with vision technology to locate a part in 3D space, then quickly locks onto its CAD-specified assembly position.
Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Real-time inspection system that is easy to use. Uses lasers to measure the accuracy and quality of two-dimensional and formed parts.

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“The time savings have been remarkable. Our technicians in the paint booth can now lay out an aircraft in four hours when it used to take 2-3 shifts when working with Mylar templates. Also, rework has almost been eliminated”
 Scott Groves, Embraer
“The intuitive user interface allows new operators to become fully proficient within just a few hours. And because the operator’s role is simplified, employees with lower skill sets can still effectively carry out the role.”  
Stephan Richter, Trilux
Rafters & Walls
“Rafters & Walls have been using Virtek lasers for 5 years. It’s great to have the ability to train our employees in a very short order. We build complex roof and floor trusses with ease with Virtek laser technology.” 
Richard Pedde, Rafters & Walls

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Flexible Solutions That Complement Your Business

Virtek provides laser projection and quality inspection solutions that support manufacturers in a variety of specialized industries to assist with assembly processes. We have the ability to guide a beam of laser light onto a work surface or part with a high degree of accuracy.