Virtual CAMX Joint Educational ON-Demand Webinar

[PRESENTATION]: IIoT and AI in Composites Manufacturing: Implementation, Use Cases & ROI!

Join our joint education session with Plataine at CAMX - The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo. Pre-Book your meeting now for the week of Sept 21-24 to gain an advantage and hear all about the new innovations we have been working on and upcoming releases.

Full abstract of our session: 

The Implementation-Use-and ROI of IIoT and AI Technologies in Composites Part Manufacturing Clay Bolick (Plataine) and Vincent Tran (Virtek Vision) Facing increasing market demands, advanced manufacturers must examine methods to support high-rate programs at lower costs. Industrial IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies open a new horizon of possibilities for these advanced manufacturers and increasingly allow them the eminent ability to address this complexity: support shop floor staff and managers in daily decisions, increase throughput, reduce costs, meet strict quality and time-to-market requirements - all to remain profitable and competitive.

Real-time, context-aware recommendations and actionable insights driven by AI and real-data collection, allow factories to become smart and to optimize their operations, increase production, reduce costs and stay ahead of the competition, by digitizing and optimizing their complex production environments. As with any case of new technology adoption, challenges must be overcome, and best practices used.

Learn through real-life challenges, implementation examples and best practices: What are the major trends in this space; How AI-based technologies and methods create new opportunities for advanced manufacturers, fitting a range of business models, needs and constraints; How automation and end-to-end digitization of advanced manufacturing, including additive manufacturing, enable enhanced productivity and efficiency levels across industrial and business processes, creating a sustainable competitive advantage with a tangible, fast ROI; All to capture the disruptive value AI can bring to today’s manufacturing world.

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