Virtek’s Enhanced Iris 3D Laser Projection System Makes Multitasking a Reality by Harnessing Advanced Thin Client Technology

WATERLOO, Ontario, Canada

Virtek, trusted by the world’s top-tier aerospace and composite-based manufacturers for best-in-class laser positioning solutions, will showcase its newly enhanced, all-in-one solution – Virtek Iris™ 3D with Vision Positioning System (VPS), and high visibility laser at CAMX 2019. The new platform includes exciting enhancements to enable workers to manage several independent work processes from one centralized computer using thin client server architecture.

In essence, thin clients function as virtual desktops by relying on computing power residing on networked servers. To expand Iris 3D’s power across an entire manufacturing operation, manufacturers may purchase one Iris 3D license and connect several PCs or tablets to serve as clients. Workers can also operate several instances of Iris software on one client.

Increase productivity with improved laser line visibility and a larger projection area.

Virtek Iris 3D delivers superior laser line visibility, even in bright ambient lighting environments and on difficult work surfaces, accelerating composite lay-up and paint masking processes as well as a host of other labor-intensive tasks.

Virtek’s new motorized mount, released earlier this year, enables mobility and flexibility on the manufacturing floor. It includes an innovative remote-controlled option that optimizes the system’s projection by repositioning the laser on challenging tools or larger work areas. It enables users to pan and tilt the VPS and provides six times more projection coverage than a conventionally mounted laser projector to accelerate workflows.

Discover breakthroughs in productivity.

Join Virtek’s industry experts on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 10:30 am in the Exhibition Hall Theatre as they discuss the latest breakthroughs in productivity. Discussion will include an overview of Virtek’s collaborative partnership with Plataine Technologies Ltd., a leading provider of Industrial IoT optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing, that enables manufacturers to track work in process, assets and materials in real time via Plataine’s Total Production Optimization (TPO) software.

TPO software continuously collects data from factory floor sensors to provide complete visibility and traceability across a manufacturer’s inventory, work orders, machines and tools. In addition, intelligent alerts and recommendations ensure operators select the right material for each job, perform tool maintenance at the right time, and optimally release jobs for production to minimize bottlenecks.

Tom Kane, Virtek’s vice president and general manager, explained “At Virtek, we are constantly exploring ways to help our customers maximize their profitability. One way to do this is to help them ensure their workflows are always optimized and constantly smooth flowing. With Iris 3D’s multitasking capability, FlashAlign® feature and high-visibility laser, we provide a complete package that makes continuous workflow a day-to-day reality.”

About Virtek

Virtek Vision International ULC is the global leader in 3D laser templating, positioning and quality inspection systems for manufacturers around the world. The Virtek name has become synonymous with innovation, accuracy and reliability. Innovating since 1986 and based in Waterloo, ON, Canada, Virtek has local sales and service coverage across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. The world’s largest manufacturers in aerospace, construction, metal fabrication, and wind trust Virtek. See things differently with Virtek solutions – Iris™,LaserEdge®,LaserQC® and TrussLine®.