A New Vision as Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and Virtek join forces.

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN will take a step forward in the field of composites as it announces a new partnership with Virtek. The Canadian company will provide advanced vision-based laser technologies and engineering services to assist with the composite assembly and carbon fibre layup of parts for the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN cars. Improving composites processes, reducing time to assembly and improving accuracy to boost performance will further aid in producing the highest quality race cars.

Dietmar Wennemer, CEO & President, Virtek Vision International Inc: “We are very excited to win the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team as a customer in the very innovative world of Formula One racing. We continue to innovate in the carbon fibre overlay and semi-automated assembly space that offers faster and higher quality prototyping and manufacturing capabilities. This capability will allow the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team to optimize their race cars and tune them quickly for enhanced aerodynamic performance, while keeping the drivers safe. We are looking forward to working with the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team to utilize our future product enhancements, like our newest innovation ‘Iris™ ActiveTrack’ that will make the work of the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN technicians even easier.”

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