Application Programming Interface
IRIS 3D 2021.04

The newest edition of its Iris 3D software with enhanced API (Application Programming Interface), supports a new level of interactivity, control and access to detailed production data.

Production Reporting Database
This enhancement includes a production reporting database. Accessed through the Iris API, the production reporting tools provides instant remote access to current production status or retrieve historical data detailing the completion of each step in any production workflow executed in the past for any system on the floor. Developers working with the API have access to functioning sample code and a web UI documenting each method that even supports live testing of each call. 

Data Security
Iris 3D work orders can now be created in a way that allows customers to maintain their version-controlled files in a secure read only repository separate from Iris working directories. This ensures data security for these critical files and allows easier version management.

Unlock the Powerful Toolset
Using the Virtek’s Vision Positioning System (VPS) to find and measure a targeted tool anywhere within its field of view and report the position of the tool relative to the vision system.

Or the ability to spontaneously project any geometric shape onto a surface without any pre-configuration or file setup.